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Here are a few of the ways you can help Randy’s campaign for Mayor of San Marcos.


Make a financial contribution. Campaigns are about getting the word out and it helps to have money for mail, digital advertisements, and voter outreach. Campaign contributions of any amount are deeply appreciated.


Endorse Randy. We would love to put your name on Randy's list of community endorsers. To be an endorser, simply fill out this form and hit submit.


Host a Gathering. If you and your neighbors want to meet Randy, ask him questions about his vision for the City of San Marcos, or want to discuss a particular issue, he will always be willing to meet. No crowd is too large or too small.


Volunteer. As Election Day nears, we will be knocking on doors and calling voters every single day. Help us reach more voters by signing up to volunteer and we'll be in touch!


Tell Your Friends. There is no better way to grow supporters than by word of mouth. Share our website, ask your friends to follow us on social media, and tell your friends to vote for Randy!


Get a Yard Sign. As Election Day approaches, we will be asking our supporters to show their love for Randy by placing election signs in their front yard. Let us know if you're interested!

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