Why I am running

Few cities anywhere in the world boast a better quality of life than we enjoy here in San Marcos: beautiful weather, hiking trails, open spaces, perfect proximity to the ocean and desert, excellent schools, and a burgeoning business community. It's hard to imagine a place with more life-enriching assets than this place we all call home, which is why my wife, Kristen, and I moved here 20 years ago to raise our family.

San Marcos is a great city with enormous promise, yet we find ourselves at a crossroad. As one of the fastest growing cities in the county - our population has nearly doubled to 100,000 in less than 20 years - we see every day the pressure that growth is putting on our roads and schools, and now find our small city grappling with big city problems, and a quality of life that feels in jeopardy. 

This is why I have decided to run for San Marcos City Council.

In the coming years, your city leaders will be deciding not just how big a city San Marcos will be, but what kind of city we will be. Will our future be one of excessive growth, overburdened infrastructure and gridlock, or one that preserves, protects and improves the assets that made us want to live here in the first place?

The San Marcos I want to lead is a dynamic place, where technology is embraced, and city-wide sustainability a goal. A city where locally-owned businesses are welcomed and nurtured, and where future growth is done carefully, with an eye on infrastructure, and with a fundamental concern about the impact that growth will have on current residents, businesses, and schools. A city whose leaders demand that our open spaces and parklands are protected and expanded. 

San Marcos is blessed with a fine university, various colleges and trade schools, and a public K-12 school district that ranks among the best in the state. Not only do these institutions educate our residents and enrich us culturally, they are also excellent local employers. As the “Education Hub of North County,” our city should partner with these organizations, welcome additional schools, and do its part to make sure we have enough classrooms to meet the needs of all our students.

As a careful steward of your tax dollars, I will be driven by a single goal: to maintain a high quality of life for those who live and do business here. This means leadership that supports well-funded fire and law enforcement, a proactive working relationship with the educational institutions in our city, well-maintained and adequate roadways, and businesses that meet the needs of our residents.

The City of San Marcos is a gem! Let's work together to keep it that way.



Helping our Kids

For Randy, there is nothing more important than empowering youth, and helping guide them on the pathway to success. He has spent years...

Protecting our Open Spaces

The trails, parks, and native open spaces are enormously important to Randy. He raised his sons hiking the trails around San Marcos and playing sports in the beautiful San Marcos parks. 

Protecting our Seniors

As a councilmember, Randy will apply his professional practice of helping seniors and apply it to city governance. As significant part of his law practice is dedicated to protecting seniors from abuse and neglect

Helping our Businesses

At the heart of any successful city is robust commerce. Randy envisions San Marcos as a place where locally-owned businesses can set up and thrive, and as a city council member will continually advance that cause.

Protecting our People

A high quality of life requires that residents and businesses feel safe and secure in San Marcos. Those who have lived here awhile have seen firsthand the remarkable work of our local fire department in fighting and preventing the fires that have become an annual concern

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