Protecting our open spaces

The trails, parks, and native open spaces are enormously important to Randy. He raised his sons hiking the trails around San Marcos and playing sports in the beautiful San Marcos parks. Randy considers natural open spaces as integral to our high quality of life, and as a member of the city council, Randy will make preserving them and expanding them as one of his highest priorities.

There are many local assets that enrich our quality of life, but none are greater than our hills, trails, and parklands. In addition to providing great recreational opportunities, they are home to a great variety of local wildlife. As a member of the city council, Randy will work to defend and preserve the remaining native landscapes, and expand our trails and parks, so that future generations can enjoy the natural beauty of our city that we all love so much.

In 2005, Randy was appointed by the San Marcos City Council to the Ridgeline Taskforce, a committee that drafted the city’s first Ridgeline Protection Ordinance, later codified as the Ridgeline Protection & Management Overlay Zone. Because of that law, any development that might impact that natural crest and profile of the primary and secondary ridges around San Marcos will be denied unless certain criteria are met.

* Special thanks to Ed Philbrick for the photographs.